Kongreye Kalan Süre

Dear Colleagues,

The 7 th International Neuraltherapy and Regulation Congress and IV. World Neuraltherapy IFMANT Cobgress which is held in every two years, (behalf of) under the roof of International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy (IFMANT) and International Geselschaft for Neuraltherapi nach Huneke (IGNH) is supported by ÖNR, SANTH, DGfAN, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia Neuraltherapy Associations.  

The congress which is hosted by the Scientific Neuraltherapy and Regulation Association will be organised in june 7th-10th, 2018 in Point Hotel Barbaros Istanbul.

Every year, Turkish and foreign participants attending the congresses which are organised by Turkish Neuraltherapy Association BNR is increasing. Neuraltherapy provides a scientific and reliable contribution to modern medical practices and gives support to the understanding of many serious chronic diseases.

In the 7th International Neuraltherapy Congress corresponding to the 14th year of BNR, like in many other national Neuraltherapy Associations, we are very proud to give the BNR-NAZLIKUL award for the third time who provide support to scientific field in Neuraltherapy.

We invite you to IV. World Neural Therapy IFMANT Congress & VII. İnternational Neural Therapy BNR Congress.

You may find all the information about the congress and the other relevant data on www.neuraltherapy2018.com and www.noralterapi.com


President of the Congress                                                 

Neuraltherapy President of the Association                 

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin NAZLIKUL                                                




Supporting Associations in Turkey :